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Flowers are the language of the heart. Whether your love is just budding or has ripened over time, buying and sending flowers to the person you care about lets them know how much you value them. Nothing ignites a new flame’s passion like receiving a dozen red roses, together with a box of luscious chocolates or other tempting sweets. If your relationship has matured over the years, flowers tell your sweetheart that your love for them has only deepened.

Express that perfectly with red or pink roses – on their own or mingled in a basket with sweet-scented lilies, innocent daisies and baby’s breath. Send roses on Valentine’s Day, anniversaries of meeting and marriage, and on any other occasion you want that special someone to know you’re glad they are part of your life. And if you are marking valentine’s Day far away from your dear one, imagine seeing their face light up when those Valentines flowers arrive at the door.

Valentines Flowers

Gorgeous Bouquet- B40

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