Gorgeous Bouquet- B40


A gift with a wow factor difference…

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“A lushy and stylish combination of lilies, roses in a pink and creamy colour, and green Singapore orchids covered by a fancy wrapping paper differentiates the quality of the bouquet. The feminine and soft colour of pink roses and lilies is designed to draw attention from your intended person, by taking her by surprise. This is remarkable on her birthday as well as to commemorate her achievement with congratulations, such as her promotion or appreciation for all her efforts. It usually has the effect of rendering her speechless, thus it is perfect for Mum. This gorgeous bouquet will strengthen the relationship between mother and daughter or son. However it is also suitable for more formal relationships such as a politician or dignitary’s in a swearing-iremony, welcoming or farewell event”

Free personal message card or you wish to upgrade a better card.  In case out of season or unavailable, we may substitute green foliage or baby flowers, but maintain main flowers, shape and colour as the design.   Shining someone’s day now by just simply order this gift online or call us for help on (02) 8866 0131.


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