Native Bouquet


A gift that brings two different worlds together—Australian Native and South Africa Flowers…


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“An impressive and exotic bouquet of native flowers originated from Australian as well as South Africa, including Protea, Leucadendron and Grevillea shaped as a medium-sized bouquet. It will be displayed in green wrapping paper, to stimulate the feeling as if it has directly come from nature. This bouquet offers a textured, tactile sense of something that has lived for a long time, has a lot of history behind it and is aromatically pleasant.

With the soft-hued and kind colours of green and pink, the bouquet is suitable for birthdays or welcoming/farewell events as you want to introduce an outsider into your homeland – the native touch. It is also a popular gift for corporate and ornate settings aiming to foster connection, fanfare or something akin to that of a cultural handshake.

These flowers come into season in both Spring and Summer.”

Free personal message card or you wish to upgrade a better card.  In case out of season or unavailable, we may substitute green foliage or baby flowers, but maintain main flowers, shape and colour as the design.


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